| Meet Larissa



I am deeply honored you've stopped by. That's me and my son Kai above. We are a vibrant family of two. It's been me and him, a true team, since the day of his birth. And I have the best two jobs in the world! Taking pictures for a living ~ and being his mom. They both keep me constantly busy, and I am immeasurably grateful for my business, and my most amazing clients that are allowing me to create and manifest for him the life he deserves. I am a solo parent who is triumphing above the obstacles that have tried to hold us back. His presence in my life has really helped me focus on what is truly important, and has pulled me through some very dark days. This is my story.


First, I'll share about the thing that brought you here to this photography.

Photography is my life-long craft and profession. I began shooting commercial photography in 1994 at the young age of 20, but even a few years before that, I found myself deeply immersed in my darkroom night-after-night (thank you, dad!), assisting and learning from established photographers several days a week after school and on weekends, and digesting every possible thing I could to support my love for photography. I was enraptured with the art by 16.

It has been and continues to be my full-time work throughout the majority of my professional path, and even 27-plus years later, it still moves me like nothing else.

While I've been through many changes in my photography career, these days, I've slowed down a lot to appreciate things more. After all, I'm a mom now, and my roots to 'home' and 'relationships' are deep. I've put aside my gypsy ways and traveling days, and gravitated towards capturing relationships and moments of love shared between people. I am passionate about supporting and appreciating women and their families through all the stages of their lives together! Using my lens, I love to show a woman how valuable she is, how beautiful she is, and how intrinsic is her nature to everyone and everything around remind her about the meaning and importance of her life in connection to others, and especially to herself. To restore her faith and belief in herself, and to flood her heart with new love and recognition. I work with young women, single women, married women, mothers and mothers-to-be, divorced women, widowed women, lost women, emerging women, celebrating women ~ all women! And I capture their relationships at every fleeting crossroad...the moments of new love, of forever love, of a new babe in arms, of tiny little hands holding theirs, of a new career, a new success, a new path, a transformation, the bittersweet moments when sons & daughters are all grown up, the moments of sisterhood, and the forever ties of life-long friendships...

I catch things most photographers fail to see... those elusive moments that flash in a split second. My style is contemporary, timeless, soft, and poignant, and most certainly filled with much joy and moments of great love.

Photographing relationships is one of my great life-roles! It is my calling. But it would have very little meaning if I did not fully understand and embrace my other great life-role...that of Mother...a role that also lights up my world, and helps me see everything in new and wondrous ways! My story gives me compassion, empathy, and insight into your story, as we all share a common and loss ~ which then helps us find hope and forgiveness...and then on to a life of profound meaning.

So, have a look around! I hope you find great inspiration here, and endeavor to commission me for the authentic custom photography that I am known for, and allow me to show you your life through my lens. We will share a meaningful, heart-centered, artistic process together. I highly support any and all creative ideas you want to bring to light during your first consultation with me.

Most of the magic you'll find here happens in my hometown of Austin, TX, but I've also traveled far and wide with my camera, which I plan to do more of now that Kai is getting older. I'd like to invite you to reach out to the studio to set up your first meeting with me, and lets mutually grow through this process together.