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Sheila | Personal Branding | Commercial Photography

When Sheila first came to me, she was a little tentative about the prospect of hiring a photographer to take pictures of her in order to put them on her web site. She is a very authentic and humble human being who gives herself in service to her yoga students through her classes and personal writing on her blog. Putting professionally-photographed pictures of herself out there for the whole world to see...the idea of making pictures of HER the main subject of her web site... well, it felt like a lot to embrace, and was a bit confronting for her, at first.

But I took her by the hand, and we walked together through the whole process before a single photo was ever snapped. That made all the difference in her comfort level with this project.

Sheila wanted her new images to illuminate her energy, her light, and the quietness and also playfulness of her nature. And I think we definitely captured that!

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Sheila wanted key images to use in printed & digital marketing pieces, and for visual interest and banners for her redesigned web site & blog. During our consultation process, I asked Sheila to start putting together a Pinterest board of images that captured something she was hoping to capture during our session together... a look, a feeling, a pose, colors, wardrobe ideas, etc. I also asked her to put together an outline of her "vision" for the shoot, and here is what she sent me:

Intention for photo shoot:

  • To create a space on the internet where I can showcase what I offer through my classes.  This will be in part through the written word, my blog and in part through images.

Intention and energy I hope the pictures will impart:

  •     contemplative, yet playful and real
  •     graceful strength & attention, rooted with calm and ease
  •     a lightness about me

Shapes to photograph:

  •     heart openers, wild thing, wheel, camel/rajakapotasana variations
  •     visvamitrasana or an elegant arm balance or a variation of side plank
  •     seated twist, lotus with mudra prayer or reverse prayer or gomukh
  •     tree pose variations
  •     maybe a picture with my om tattoo visible, which is on upper left shoulder blade


  •     candle/flame
  •     singing bowl
  •     buddha
  •     beads


  •     soft colors considering background & light
  •     clothes that are simple & solid colors to keep focus off of the clothes and on the energy, shape and mood

Photo Dimensions:

  • I envision having a banner photo on the top of each page of my website.  So I would like to have most photos in the rectangular/horizontal format for easy placement, perhaps a few that would be vertically oriented.


When you look through all of Sheila's images below, you can really see how we captured everything she was hoping to capture.

Having a client take the time to really collaborate with me on the final look of their images makes a world of difference! From her outline and Pinterest board, I was able to get very clear on our direction. She came to see the studio 2 weeks before our shoot, so we could talk about the background colors and environment for the shoot.

During shooting, I captured a lot of horizontal images, as she requested, and left a lot of "white space" above, around, or below her, to allow for easy cropping for panoramic web banners. The white space also leaves room for text and graphics when creating a marketing card, poster, brochure, etc. where the image becomes the background for featured text.


Throughout the whole process, Sheila thanked me several times for making her feel really comfortable in doing this shoot! I hope that looking into her shoot with me will give you the same comfort to reach out to me and schedule your own session.

Take the plunge with me. You'll be so happy you're finally doing this!


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