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Women of Bloom | Personal Branding | Commercial Photography

The all-woman team of Bloom Communications marketing firm in Austin, TX came into the studio for some new images and a whole lotta fun! Brianna, the head of the firm, came to me wanting to get a smart new look for her team's bios for their web site, and we set out to make it a fun experience, as well! It was the perfect blend of commercial portraits, hair + make-up, champagne samosas, great Pandora tunes, and some co-working space vibes, as each girl took turns in front of the camera, while the rest laughed and nibbled and got some work done on their laptops! I had such a great day with all of them! Super awesome women!

"As part of my agency's website redesign process, I wanted to incorporate our team's headshots in a professional manner as well as show energy and personality. Larissa took careful attention to create the perfect environment to produce the look and feel I was hoping for. In addition to her creative photography skills, she made the experience fun and memorable for everyone. We were all pleased when there were so many great photos for us to choose from. The final photos are now proudly displayed on my agency's website."

-Brianna McKinney, President of Bloom Communications

You can find Brianna and her team at

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