| Jen, Jack & Bode - austin texas family photographer

Jen, Jack & Bode - austin texas family photographer

Jen – a devoted mother to two very amazing boys – has been such an inspiration to me. She's starting over new with them, in a new home, and a new family dynamic now – a single parent home. Being a single parent myself, I know just how phenomenally well she is handling the challenges of such a transition. She is bravely passionate about loving and nurturing these boys, and creating a magical home filled with love and lots of wonderful pets and, for a little while, some foster kittens, too. Joey is their absolutely awesome family dog featured in these images! The cats couldn't make it out to the session that day....they're kind of home bodies :-)

The images featured below are some of the ones she chose to hang as large wall portraits around her new home in South Austin. No better way to make a house feel like "home" than by showing what (who) you love in personalized family art.

In addition to the images featured here on the blog, you can see all the rest of this family session in our featured sessions gallery.



Dearest Jen... 

I see how much your other women friends look up to you, and I am honored to have captured this precious and delicate time in your life with your boys! And to have become such good friends in the process is a gift I now carry with me always. You are a gem of a woman, friend and fellow mother.

Enjoy this beautiful video I made for you!

(and get those tissues out again)  ;-)



In Jen's words about her intention for this family session:

"I want to show happiness, and love. I want my kids and I to look back and see that we loved each other, and that we laughed together. I love being physically close with them and giving them lots of hugs and kisses, and I want them to know how much they are loved. I want to show myself that I'm working on getting "my old self" back -- someone lighter hearted and lighter in spirit than the one that's been hanging around these last few years."

I'm 45, mom of 2 boys, owner of my own business. These last 2 years have been full of change and turmoil, and I am wanting to settle into our new town (Austin), our new life, and try to focus on my family, my boys, and finding happiness. I feel I have lost some of my authentic happiness and by getting portraits taken NOW -- not when I'm thinner, richer, with another guy, etc.... will show me that I'm worth it.

Jack is 7, and a really sweet boy. He's quite mellow – an artist and builder. He's a beautiful boy --- I'm just so proud of him! I feel like he also could use this session for him to express himself a bit, and to be silly. His Dad is kinda serious, and I would like for Jack to start loosening up and feeling more free in himself. He loves Minecraft, drawing, art, kicking a ball.....all that kind of kid stuff! He's a great big brother, and the boys play well together. I'm hopeful we can capture that too!

Bode is my 'baby' – just turned 3, and boy oh boy.... he's 3. Can't sit still, has tantrums, etc... BUT, on the other hand, he has the sweetest smile ever, and is probably the happiest person I've ever met. He LOVES Cars the movie, Thomas the Train, running, jumping, and all things that are stereo-typical boy. He adores Jack, and they play well and giggle together.

Joey is a 9 year old pit mix that has been a part of our family since before the kids. She's a VERY SWEET pup, and certainly belongs in our family pics!


Mama's words for the boys:

My angels,

I write you letters and cards that I tuck away for you when you're older, but I wanted to add loving pictures as well. The two of you are so special, so important to me, and know that I believe in you and love you just the way you are. You make my life complete, and I love our family.




Ready for your turn? There's never going to be the perfect time. Don't wait. Do it now.

Your children will thank you later for having such amazing pictures with you while they were living their young lives alongside you.

email me, sweet mama!



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