| Kai is 5, yippee!

Kai is 5, yippee!



It's pretty simple, right?!
If you know us and love us (me & Kai),
then you're invited to come out to the park and celebrate with us!



Kai's Mischievous 5th Birthday Party!!!!

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 @ 7:00pm
Hosted by: Larissa (kai's mama)
(originally planned for the 21st, but I'm lame and didn't get this invite out in ample time)

1000 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
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Let's Enjoy a Summer's Eve Together!

Let the kids stay up a wee-bit late to celebrate with a glorious
summer evening picnic, splashpad fun, and water light-show in the park!
If you have younger babes who need their sleep, at least come for an hour til 8.
Having a 7pm start time will give us cooler temps as the sun goes down and the sparkly fountain lights turn on!
Bring your family's picnic blanket, basket o'food, towels, swimsuits, dry change of clothes, and some extra wine, if you fancy!
I'll buy several bottles of wine to share, but more is always better!
If you're feeling adventurous, bring some fun to share: instruments, scooters, bicycles, juggling balls, magic tricks,
and anything else you can use to "make mischief" with us!!!!
We'll be on the big green lawn next to the splashpad.

We'll Have:

Glow Sticks
Remote Control Race Cars
Rocket Balloons
Rainbow Goo
Bubble machine
& Cupcakes (of course)
all for the kiddos!



Leave a comment below, letting me know that you will be attending, who's coming with, and some sweet words for Kai!
If you can't make it, please leave your most sincerest regrets (and a darn good excuse) ;-)



Park in the Dougherty Arts Parking Lot or in the small parking area off Riverside.
If you can bike or walk there, that may be a great alternative to finding a parking spot!
There's also neighborhood street parking in the Bouldin neighborhood just south of the park.
Bring a wagon or similar to cart your things into the park! Or a big backpack!


A little video of Kai

I made this sweet little video of Kai to celebrate his turning 5,
featuring loved moments from the past year. Enjoy!


Kai is 5


Hi Larissa! Such beautiful pictures! Isaiah and I will try our best to make it! It will be a maybe for us! I have two other birthday parties I am attending this same day! I wish him much love and happiness! Such a handsome boy! You are doing such a wonderful job momma! Best wishes - Araceli
Awwww what a great video montage! He is so grown up I can't even believe it! I would love to make it but I have plans to attend an annual gala for the organization I support. I would love to catch up with you both soon though!
Kristen W.(non-registered)

I loved watching this video of you this past year. It's so cool to see how much you've grown and all the experiences you've had since I met you as a baby. I'm sad that I don't get to see you as much as I would like to. Unfortunately, I probably can't make it to this party, but I want to see you soon though so we'll plan something.


Siena and Michelle(non-registered)
Happy Birthday Kai! We will not be able to be at the party. Siena will be with her grandparents. But have lots of fun, and we'd like to celebrate with you soon!
Koen Kiera and I will be joining in on the fun!
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