| Cooper | Newborn

Cooper | Newborn

In Daddy's Words

"I never thought I could love something so much. I think about how precious my life is now, and could not imagine living without the family I have built. We are a tight knit foursome that has a bond unparallelled to anything I have experienced or even knew could exist. I am excited to see us grow together and cannot help but to smile thinking about all the adventures to come. "


About Cooper

He's 1 WEEK young here! A quiet, calm, gentle little man.


About the Session

This little guy was extremely alert and curious when we first started his newborn session! It took lots of mama cuddles and nursing to finally lull him to sleep, but once he was out, he was a perfect little subject, sweetly malleable, and 100% adorable! His mommy and daddy are the coolest, too! Eric has the biggest heart, as you can tell by his words up above, and he's got a smile and laugh that just melts your heart! Danielle has it together, and she's just gorgeous! I'd look into her big green blue eyes everyday, if I could! Cooper's big sister Addison didn't come to this session, but we're planning to capture the whole family together soon at Cooper's next session. Mama signed on for our Baby's First Year Plan, so we'll be seeing lots more of Cooper on the blog this coming year!!

More pictures will be added to the slideshow above, as soon as the rest of them receive final editing. Check back in a week or so!



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