| Finally...the new Studio!

Finally...the new Studio!

After 7 months of delays from the city permit office, the builders finally have the green light to finish the project! I'm told I can take occupancy within the first week of August! Fingers crossed. It's 1200 square feet of gorgeous natural light and clean white walls! The concrete floor staining is next...

Update 8/5:

Floors are done. Still waiting for a move-in date...maybe 8/10? More photos coming soon!

Update 8/15:

Can we move in already?!?! Nope. Not yet. Now, it's the fire department's turn to hold things up. They need to add more sprinklers. 3-4 more weeks delay. Oy vey!


Rabbit in the Rain(non-registered)
Hoorah!! Happy dance.
Sandy Ward(non-registered)
Nice space for your business expansion. I am glad you are on "go" mode finally! Best of luck...God bless.
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