| Beauty | Nancy | Maternity | Austin, TX

Beauty | Nancy | Maternity | Austin, TX

Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-1 Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-4 Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-7 Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-3 Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-2 Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-6

Nancy-maternity-BeMoments-5 I can't even begin to describe this woman's natural beauty in real life! She personifies ease, confidence, grace and style. She is the radiant mama of three gorgeous children, two boys, and one new baby girl, and her husband is a gem! She's got it all! When I spent time with her charming family during this maternity session, I was just flooded with good vibes! And isn't her henna-painted belly just magnificent?!

I'll share their family shots soon in an upcoming post. Nancy, you were an absolute delight to photograph!



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Dawn J(non-registered)
These photos are absolutely stunning, you captured so much beauty in this mama and her babe. Truly lovely.
You look so beautiful here!
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