| The Power of a great watermark

The Power of a great watermark


Can you see it? It's pretty subtle, right?! It's a watermark doing its job without distraction.

If you're already a fan of my original Facebook page, then you've likely heard the news about "the big name-change" that has also inspired our brand new watermarking. If you haven't read the back-story or watched this video, go for it now!

One of the things I love so much about the new name is how simple it is for a watermark. I worked really heard on the final logo and watermark for BeMoments. I wanted the logo to be distinct and more bright and high-impact than my previous name logo, but then, I wanted a watermark that was much more subtle...that blended in, and even complemented the photograph it's on. I really think I've achieved that. The adorable shot of the 2 brothers above is actually enhanced by the subtle watermark between them. It protects the image rights without overpowering the image. Success.


IMG_4306 Every image tells a story of a moment...a feeling, a look, a relationship, a connection. The name "BeMoments" just lends itself to the telling of that story. What is the moment about? Who is it about? 


IMG_4342 The second part of my watermark is an enhancement for the client, as well...a catchy and succinct label that defines a feeling captured in the moment, again though, without detracting from the image. The above image shows a couple with very playful chemistry together, and the words "Be playful" really help draw the eyes and the mind to that very energy in the shot.


What great "Be Expressions" can you think of? I have a whole list that I've been collecting, and I'd love to have you add to it!

be magical 
be authentic
be beautiful
be gorgeous
be smart
be conscious
be mindful
be happy
be joyful
be wild
BE you
be together
be us
be inspiring
be in wonder
be childlike
be passionate
be affectionate
be in love with your life
be connected to your loved ones
be secure in your relationships
be guided by your heart
be attached at the hip
be in the moment
be embodied
be light
be love
be kind


and one of my favorites to remind all of us mothers to get out from behind the camera phone, and...

Be in the photo with your favorite little people!

Take a moment to add to the comments below, and tell me some of your favorite BeMoment ideas!



be me, be free, be fun
Be bold
Be flirty
Be different
Be spirited
Be real
Be gladdened
Be at peace
Be restful
Be beloved
Be tender
Be open
Good luck with your new direction!
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