| Owen's 1st Birthday...Hawaiian-style | event photography | austin, tx

Owen's 1st Birthday...Hawaiian-style | event photography | austin, tx



Owen is one lucky little fella to have parents like David and Dorothy! I don't usually photograph birthday parties, but Owen's daddy sweet-talked me into this one, and I am soooo glad I said Yes! It couldn't have been a more perfect day, and the people at the party were the nicest, most down-to-earth, cool folks I've met in a long time. It was a Hawaiian "Lu-wow" theme (as Dorothy coined it), and it sure felt like I was at a little charming outdoor wedding that's how I photographed it: documentary wedding style, and focusing a lot on the sweet details of the party, the set-up, the atmosphere, and the interactions and emotions of the day. Our light that day was sublime! There was hula dancing fun had by all, guests included, the food was amazing, and Dorothy's sangria mix knocked my socks off (at the end, of course, when all my work was done, and I had a little time to celebrate with them before I left the festivities)!

Owen was a delight the whole day, and he absolutely enjoyed his party! That's such a testament to mom and dad, because many 1-year-olds get overstimulated at large first-year parties with lots of adult interactions. He was loved-on by everybody, and very much the focus.


Below, is the HD video I put together of the whole event. I had such a hard time getting through all the editing and production for this video without tearing-up every. single. time. I watched it! As a mom to a young babe, myself, all I could think about watching this video is HOW LUCKY this little guy is to have such amazing and cool and thoughtful parents as his. David and Dorothy are just the best, and I have grown so fond of them as we've gone through this whole process together! When clients become friends, that's truly the icing on the cake of already loving what I do everyday for families! So, yes, I cried sweet tears watching this family together...knowing how special their bond is, marveling at the future of their lives together, growing closer year by year, with more and more amazing experiences documented so lovingly like this one. I was also a bit sad watching this video, knowing I didn't have something as special to share with my son when he grow's up, to show him just exactly how special his early years were. If only I could go back and make sure to have a fellow photographer capture more of the big moments of his baby life...and with me in there with him. I have tons of phone video clips, and plenty of photo sessions I've shot of just him. But I'm rarely in any pictures with him. This is why having another photographer capture the whole family all together is just priceless. My new commitment going forward, is making sure I take as many opportunities as possible to be photographed together as our little two-person family. Having these images for the future years... that seem so far away now, but to be able to look back, and remember family life at each valuable stage...there's just nothing that can replace that. Owen will treasure this video, one day, beyond measure, when he has his own littles running around at his feet.

And now, presenting...

Owen's first birthday party!


Owen's First Birthday Party

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