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Yoga Portrait Experience

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Most clients who come to me for yoga portraiture are looking to be able to use the resulting images commercially on their web site and marketing. Commercial usage rates can be very cost-prohibitive to small, service-based business owners like yoga teachers and massage therapists. My customary commercial licensing usually runs anywhere from $200-$1,000 per image, depending on how and where the image will be used. If a client wants 10 or so images to use for their business, the cost ends up running past the two-thousand dollar mark, easily.

So, I decided to come up with an offering for such individuals who want the beautiful yoga portraits, and who want to use them commercially, but in a smaller scale, limited to their own professional web site and digital / print marketing.


Breath-taking, magic-making, accessible and affordable commercial photography for the Yoga Professional.

Enjoy the video, and here is the pdf guide, also, for downloading and easy viewing.
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This session experience can also be tailored to any kind of mind-body or spirit-related service professional, such as cranio-sacral therapists, mid-wives, doulas, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, counselors, Buddhist monks, and more. Just call me to talk about your ideas, and we'll co-create captivating images for you to market your brand and service.


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