| Arianna - 2 months | family photography | austin, tx

Arianna - 2 months | family photography | austin, tx

At just two months old, this is my second session with baby Arianna, and my third session with mama & daddy. She gave us a blissful 45 minutes to capture her new smiles and expressions as the evening sun was going down so perfectly behind the trees. You can see the above photos larger here, here and here.

They are the first family who signed on for my new "Year in the Life" plan. They chose the plan which includes 6 sessions over a 12-14 month period. We'll be capturing Arianna's whole first year, from her days in the womb, her arrival as a newborn ~ complete with her birth announcement, and all the way through her first birthday! Then, at the end of the year, the family will pick all their favorite images from each session along the way to go into their beautiful hard-cover storybook (see 'Signature Products' in main menu up top for examples), representing their whole year together becoming a new family.

The "Year in the Life" plan is perfect for baby's first year, of course, but it's also wonderful during any phase of a family's growth, capturing the love and interactions between siblings, and special moments and experiences that the family shares together.

For you families out there interested in learning more about my "Year in the Life" plans, get in touch with me, and I'll share all the details!





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