| senior photo contest ~ madison + emily

senior photo contest ~ madison + emily

When I posted a request for entries in search of models to participate in a special photoshoot for a senior portrait contest, I had no idea I'd luck out with these two gorgeous sisters, whose photos from our very recent session are now posted here for all of us to admire! We had an amazing 2-hour morning, hopping around to several different spots in central Austin for gorgeous backgrounds and sweeping light. I can't thank you two girls enough for your time, and for your very talented styling of your wardrobes! You made my job effortless!

I've posted 12 of my very favorite images from our session, and from these 12, I need to pick the TOP 3 { three }, which will be entered into a very exciting Senior Portrait Photo Contest (...and the deadline for entries is TOMORROW! eep!)

I need YOUR HELP !!!

I CAN NOT decide.

The girls are just too photogenic, and we got such amazing shots! The judges for the contest are top-level photography industry experts, who will be judging based on technical skill, as well as aesthetics (all very subjective, of course). This blog post shows the 12 images in a larger viewing size, so please refer back to this post if you find yourself deliberating over several images.

I've created a quick voting site, where you can select your very favorite 2 of the 12 images. By 10pm tonight, I'll log in to the poll to see which 3 images received the highest number of votes, and those are the 3 I will enter!

So, please... go NOW and VOTE TODAY before 10PM !!!!
Tell all your friends to tell all their friends to get THEIR friends to come vote!!!!

We don't have much time! It will take you less than a minute to cast your votes. Just go with your gut first impressions of the images that stand out the most to you! And THANK YOU so much for helping!


ALSO...I'm going to give the girls a special gift for being my fabulous models...with your help! Leave a comment below sharing some love for the girls, and the more comments they get from all of you --- the bigger the print I give each of them :-) So make sure to comment below!!!





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